Because life is too fricken short to be having bad sex!

Freja Njorden mentors and consults on subjects relating to sexuality and intimacy, working with individuals and couples in order to help them to be able to cultivate the pleasure and ecstatic sexual joy that is everyone's birthright, and that everyone is capable of experiencing. 


She is trained in hypnosis - therapeutic and erotic, NLP, massage therapy, energy work, Mindscaping, graphology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and the tantric arts.  She has pursued subliminal programming, quantum touch, spiritual hypnosis, BDSM, and shamanic arts, and taught pelvic examinations to medical professionals at a local university,


Freja has worked independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality for 2 decades.  She is passionate about learning and consistently upgrading skills, knowledge, and techniques.  In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, cycling, music, mushrooms, and anything out of doors. ​

"I value real-life practical application and results,

rather than endless talk and theory." 




We have been given the gift of having bodies which are capable of beautiful sensations: pleasure, desire, arousal, ecstasy. 


These gifts are too often used and abused as agents of misery, instead of being experienced or used in a way that SPARKS JOY & cultivates LOVE, CREATIVITY, VITALITY, and CONNECTION






  • Delicious explorers who want to be better lovers!!!

  • Women who are sick of having mediocre to downright shitty sex. 

  • Couples who are frustrated with the way sex has become a bone of contention instead of a relationship enhancer.

  • Men who are dealing with frustration and shame over the way their bodies respond sexually (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction).

  • People who are wondering where their libido went, and fear for what that means to their relationship.

  • Those who are struggling with shame, guilt and blocks to intimacy, including past sexual traumas or limiting beliefs.

  • People who feel stuck in their relationship, lacking the communication and practical skillset to do it competently... who never evolved sensually or sexually as they aged and are finding that the lack of evolution just isn't working. 



When people are closed, compromised, frustrated, and lacking sexual agency they are experiencing a fraction of the fullness of their lives.

The Sensualist